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Live in an apartment, or otherwise can’t blast it? (Or just don’t like it loud?) No problem, these systems remain stunningly clear and musically satisfying at ultra low sound volumes that would be impossible to enjoy, using other fine quality speakers. Even the clear and powerful low bass will delight you, with the volume control barely cracked open!

You must hear this to believe it, so ask us to demonstrate it for you.

To make it easier for music lovers to assemble a complete system utilizing our top-reviewed Ikonoklast3 speakers, we have selected compatible components of sufficient quality to assure that end users can enjoy the extreme sonic realism made possible by these unusual reproducers.

- Audiophile Grade - High Resolution - 2-Channel Stereo Systems -


SONY DVP-S9000ES SACD/CD/DVD-V player with
Vacuum State GmbH Level 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 Modifications


Decware SE84 Single Ended Triode Tube Amplifier


Warren Gregoire’s special interconnect and Speaker Cables


Ikonoklast3 Speaker Systems (2)




Purchase all of the above System 1 components together, and receive a $1000.00 discount, for a net price of $5995 plus tax (CA residents only). Any shipping charges also additional. The Sony player and Decware amp are preowned in excellent condition, with no warranty. The Vacuum State Mods and Ikonoklast speakers are new and have 5-year parts and labor limited warranties.

Due to power constraints of the Decware amp, System 1 is best for music lovers who always listen at lower than typical volume levels. If louder reproduction is desired, two Decware amps may be used for an increase of 6dB, into the room. The Decware amp has a volume control, and is sufficiently sensitive to be driven to full output by the modified Sony, without any preamp.

If you want or need to listen at very low volume levels, it seems doubtful you could assemble a better sounding system even at several times System 1’s modest cost.

System 1 quantities are limited.


Sony SCD-777ES SACD/CD Player with
Vacuum State GmbH
Level 1,2,3,4,5, 5+ & 6


Decware SE84 Single Ended Triode Tube Amplifier


Warren Gregoire’s Special Interconnect and Speaker Cables


Ikonoklast3 Speaker Systems (2)




Purchase all of the above System 2 components, together, and receive a $1200.00 discount, for a NET PRICE OF ONLY $6795.00. Sales tax applies only to California sales, and shipping charges, if any, are extra. The Sony player and Decware amp are preowned and have no warranty. The Vacuum State Mod and the Ikonkolast3 speakers are new, and have a 5-year parts & labor limited warranty.

Like System 1, System 2 is appropriate mostly for listening "on the quiet side," but can have its output level increased by 6dB, simply by adding an additional Decware SE84 amplifier. No preamp required. System 2 offers a significant upgrade over system 1, due to the much more costly transport in the SCD-777ES.

Within its limited volume capability, it may be very difficult to assemble a system that offers more sonic realism than System 1, even at several times the cost.

System 2 quantities are limited.

Want even better music reproduction than System 1 and 2?

We find that upgrading the amplifier to a Wavac MD300B offers an excellent improvement. These Japanese "boutique" SET amplifiers also may be used without a preamp, and have a new MSRP of about $7000. Sometimes available used for around $4500.

Want an ultimate System? In order to hear how good the Ikonoklast3 speakers really are, you must use a top quality analog front end. Here are some suggestions.-

Nottingham Spacedeck turntable


Dynavector DV-507 Arm


London Reference Phono Cartridge


Vacuum State SVP-1 Phono Preamp & Line Stage


An interesting upgrade to the power amp is the stellar Wavac EC300B, at around $25,000 MSRP. This amp has no volume control, so must be used with a line preamp, or at least, an attenuator.

The above equipment should serve as an example. There is no shortage of excellent associated components, for use with the Ikonoklast3 speakers. But if you want the best available sound quality, a larger investment than you might imagine is appropriate for your analog front end and amplification.

We shall be happy to consult with you about assembling your Ikonoklast3 complete system.



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