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The "sweet Spot" just got a lot sweeter! The brand new Ikonoklast5A now uses the same mid/LF driver as the upscale Ikonkonoklast3HO. It may be field upgraded to the 3HO, simply by snapping on the dual membrane tweeter, at any future time.
No additional charge for this stellar upgrade!


In every loudspeaker manufacturer's product line, one mid-priced model inevitably becomes identified as the "sweet spot."- That particular model that is thought to offer most of the benefits of the top-of-the-line, but at a sharply reduced price.

Because Ikonoklast
5 subjectively delivers perhaps 80 - 90% of the intoxicating, nearly full range, breathtakingly lifelike sound reproduction of the flagship Model 3, at only three-fourths the price, we believe this is about as sweet as things get!

Also, the Ikonoklast
5 is more "forgiving" of flawed program material, or less than stellar sounding ancillary components.

Certainly, the finest program sources, components, mated with state-of-the-art amplification and cables would be required to reveal the difference between Ikonoklast
5 and Ikonoklast3.

For this system, we have selected the Single Membrane Coherent Line Source tweeter and paired it with a magnificent, ultra low mass Mid/LF reproducer, with an appropriately matched room sensitivity profile.

The underlying key to the superlative sonic realism is provision of our exclusive 3/4-wave transmission line enclosure for the Mid/LF driver.

This advanced technology back loading system does what many loudspeaker designers would consider impossible: it enables a light weight moving system midrange drive unit (only7 grams
mms) to operate all the way down, to below 30Hz with unbelievable power, for its diminutive 5.25" size. The system provides un-rolled-off, flat response to near 40Hz, in a typical small room!

But, extended low frequency response is only part of the triple length transmission line advantage.

Use of the same driver to reproduce the midrange and low bass is significant in that it eliminates the need for a phase distorting, stereo image degrading, reactive crossover network, containing sound quality obliterating capacitors and inductors.

The "zero crossover components" theme is carried even to the transition between the Mid/LF driver and the Coherent Line Source tweeter. The Tweeter's unconventional piezoelectric motor automatically rejects lower frequencies, while the Mid/LF driver exhibits a complementary, automatic high frequency rolloff. The output of the two drivers is thereby effortlessly blended, using the absolute optimum number of capacitive and inductive crossover network components: zero.

Combined with physical arrival time compensation mounting of the tweeter and Mid/LF reproducer, the crossover-less transition regenerates a coherent sound front that keeps both drivers in nearly perfect phase relationship in the crossover region and beyond. The result is a more stable and convincing stereo image and an engaging "roundness" to the sound of reproduced voices and instruments.

When sensitive low mass drive units are directly connected to the driving amplifier, without intervening power robbing crossover components, good things happen to sensitivity. This effect is enhanced by the low back pressure transmission line loading for the Mid/LF element, freeing it from the necessity to struggle against the cushion of trapped air that characterizes the more typical sealed or ported enclosures.

The average room sensitivity of 92dB indicates the system should be easy to drive, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

5 sounds clear and engaging when reproducing lower sound pressure levels than other systems with similar numeric sensitivity ratings. We refer to this concept as downward dynamic range. It is partly this quality that enables the system to be driven satisfyingly, even with micro-powered amplifiers.

We offer a virtually unending selection of fine hardwood veneer finishes, all of which "wrap around" to include the rear of the cabinet. Standard choices include Cherry, Mahogany, Oak and Walnut. Other species may be selected at extra cost, depending upon availability.

How it Works

A very thin conical, metal membrane is attached at its apex to an ultra-low mass piezoelectric motor. The sound waves ripple lengthwise through the surface until they reach the distance alon