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Vacuum State GmbH svp1 Preamplifier

- Now in Stock for Immediate Delivery, $6300 -

This remarkable unit combines state-of-the-art phono
reproduction with the best line stage south of $20,000.

Warren Gregoire’s thoughts about his favorite new preamp:

Although the svp1 has the appearance of elegant simplicity, with only an input selector and volume knob on the front panel, it actually has more (hidden) useful controls and facilities than many competitive products. A glance at the rear panel reveals 18 sturdy I/O connectors that help achieve outstanding flexibility of operation and ease of optimum setup.

Four easily accessible, removable jumpers may be safely accessed from a cutout in the bottom panel. These allow the phono stage gain to be matched to virtually any cartridge "in the known world." Even the line stage gain can be adjusted, simply by changing the value a one resistor per channel (This work is normally performed by a skilled technician.). Extra phono sockets on the rear panel allow easy changes to cartridge loading, simply by changing plugs. A superlative tape-out signal is provided by a DIRECT COUPLED FET buffer.- No coupling capacitor in the path to the tape. This is not quite as good as the main output, but compared to most, it is stellar.

But to me, the convenience and flexibility are only ancillary benefits. My primary interest is natural, super realistic music, voice and sound reproduction. Never have I had more realistic and involving musical experiences from recorded music. Both svp1’s that I’ve heard eclipse even my extravagant homebrew Vacuum State RTP4 balanced phono stage.

Why does it sound better than other preamps? Allen Wright has applied all of his "silver bullets" to this design, and I am pleased to say that the beautiful music it reproduces has convinced me they are all percolatin’ together in the intended manner.

View the svp1 user manual, including color photos by clicking below.


We usually have an svp1 available to demonstrate in the San Francisco Bay Area, and nearby communities. Phone me about this, Warren, 1-800-634-0094 (Best time after 1:30PM until ridiculously late).

For the technically minded, the "silver bullets" we refer to are, in part, as follows:

Six 6922 dual triode vacuum tubes plus one FET per channel in the phono stage, used as the lower half of a cascode (the upper half -6922). This provides moving coil gain, without the need for a sound-degrading step up transformer. Transistor sonic signature is not heard in this design, with the FET only as the lower half of a cascode. The tube upper half dominates, sonically.

Top quality components used throughout

Superior high speed analog IC-controlled SHUNT regulation of B+ supply voltage. Why shunt? Unlike the usual series regulators, shunt regulators ABSORB CURRENT reflected from the load (preamp tubes). Under dynamic (musical) conditions, any preamp reflects current to the power supply. If a typical series regulator is used, this reflected current keeps bouncing around, potentially causing sonic nasties. But in the svp1, the shunt regulator transistor just swallows the reflected current before it bounces even once.

Critical stages are biased by constant current source. This is the most accurate, stable and sonically benign method, that requires more complexity and a higher parts count.

Line stage EXTRA dual triode TUBE serves as both current source for bias, and also voltage regulator for the cathode follower. This is a biggie that provides a huge improvement to the potentially troublesome cathode follower, and renders it sonically benign, for the first time. That’s why this line stage doesn’t change the sound, as the usual conventional designs do.

Extra large VA capacity power transformer, providing superior voltage regulation, due to inherent inductive capability.

Printed circuit board has most components mounted on the TRACE side. This avoids signal losses caused by the current carrying wire passing through the lossy board. This technique enables Vacuum State to closely approach the sound quality of more costly point to point wiring, at a sharply reduced cost.

Allen Wright has revealed many of his key design ideas in his "PREAMP COOKBOOK." Available at times on the VacuumState.com website.

Click below to view the svp1 photo pages on the vacuumstate.com website




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