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(or "We have heard the future of high fidelity
music reproduction, and it is here today!")


Modification of the popular Sony SACD players for improvement of their already very good musical sound quality has become a booming cottage industry. Small wonder, because these upgrades generally offer extremely significant, cost effective benefits that most listeners can readily discern and appreciate.

Typical changes include substituting a low-jitter clock for the cheap crystal used by the manufacturer, sometimes accompanied by new power supply circuits for the clock, and often substitution of higher quality resistors, capacitors and connectors, in the signal path.

Good, although the preceding steps are, our esteemed associate Allen Wright of Vacuum State GmbH, Inc. was convinced that more was needed to completely unlock the enormous potential of this new ultra high resolution Sony/Phillips Direct Stream Digital (DSD)/Super Audio (SACD) format.

Allen went to work on the problem and quickly learned that when the high frequency response was allowed to continue to 100kHz (instead of Sony's conservative 60kHz), things came alive with more air and space around the instruments and voices.

And then, perhaps even more important, is the removal of the opamps, which the other mods leave unchanged. The typical Sony player includes four (yes, 4!) opamps per channel, each with a copious amount of transient intermodulation distortion, "covered up" by lots of time-smearing negative feedback, in the analog signal path. These constitute Sony's filter/buffer stage. This function is essential in a SACD player, but can be performed just as effectively without resorting to sound-quality degrading opamps.

A completely new high frequency filter/buffer amp, attenuates the unwanted ultrasonic noise from the DSD/SACD process, so that downstream amplifier stages will avoid being "confused" by these signal processing artifacts.

Replacing the opamps and their mass of associated capacitors and resistors entirely, this brand new Vacuum State single stage, filter/buffer amplifier is designed around low noise audio specific diamond transistor arrays, with all components, active and passive, carefully selected for top sound quality.

No changes are made to the Sony analog audio section - it is simply not used.
To take full advantage of the new audio output stage, the Vacuum State mod now incoroprates the incomparable new Terra Firma Lite clock system for exquisite lifelike realism.

The sound? We thought we had "died and gone to Hi-Fi heaven." We consider it to at least equal all but the most costly analog front ends. And we seriously doubt that many people have analog equipment that sounds as good as Vacuum State modified Sony SACD players.

We are sufficiently confident that you will be satisfied with this stellar sounding mod, that we will perform the service almost entirely at our risk. After having listened to your modified player for up to 30 days, if you should prefer to have the mod reversed, simply return the player to us. We shall then remove the new parts and restore the player to its original configuration and refund the full parts and labor purchase price, except the shipping and handling charge.

Redbook CD (RBCD) reproduction also in enhanced greatly by the Vacuum State mods. Listeners have commented that redbook, through the mod, sounds as good, or almost as good as SACD, without the mod.

The price of the mod with Terra Firma Lite clock, including all parts and labor, less shipping and handling charges, is $1,995. With the ultimate externally mounted Uber Clock, the price is $2995.True dual differential balanced output is also included. Shipping charges are quoted individually, as rates vary with packaging, distance and carrier. Our limited warranty on the modification ONLY, is 5 years, parts and labor. Please be aware that Sony Corporation may take the position that this modification has completely voided their warranty, but in most cases, it is possible for us to remove the mod, temporarily, while the machine goes to Sony for free warranty service. We may or may not be able to perform repairs to a malfunctioning player.

Find out what the reviewers are saying about the Vacuum State mods to the Sony SCD-XA-5400ES player:


We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover telephone orders.

More highly detailed information on this modification program, with photo images, is available on the Vacuum State Website. If you don't already have it, you will need free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view these high definition PDF files. Here is a link to Adobe's Website, for a free download:


If you already have the PDF Acrobat Reader software, go here to view the VSEI site:


Please call us at 1-800-634-0094 with any questions you may have regarding these Sony SACD player modifications.

Free In-Home Demonstrations Available

If you live in, or near the San Francisco Bay Area and own one of the Sony SCD-XA5400ES players, you may be eligible for a free, no obligation, in-home demonstration of one of our Vacuum State modified players, in your system. Or, if you prefer, you may audition the Vacuum State modified Sony at our San Leandro facility. Please Call us for a demonstration, by appointment only, at 1-800-634-0094.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you should not be fully satisfied with the Vacuum State modification, you may return the unit to us for removal and restoration of the player to the original stock configuration. Under these circumstances, we shall grant a refund of the purchase price, less shipping charges, during the first 30 days.

Five Year Limited Warranty for
Vacuum State Modification to
Sony SACD Players

Warren Gregoire and Associates LLC is pleased to offer a five year warranty which protects the purchaser in the event of a failure of the Vacuum State modification components caused by a manufacturing or installation defect.



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