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Warren Gregoire and Associates LLC
Manufacturer of lightweight aviation headsets and intercoms.
Leather control yoke covers with push to talks.
Slip on control yoke grips with push to talks. Manufacturer of amateur radio headsets, desk microphones and push to talks. Manufacturer of PC headsets for personal computers. North America's only, full-line, stocking dealer of
London Decca cartridges,
London Reference,
London Decca Jubilee, London Decca MK VII Super Gold,
London Decca MK VI Gold and London Decca MK VI Maroon.
Manufacturer of Ikonoklast2DX4 speakers
with Lowther DX-4 driver
Manufacturer of Ikonoklast
3 speakers.
Manufacturer of Ikonoklast
5 speakers.
Manufacturer of Ikonoklast
7 speakers.
Micro transmission line speaker systems.
Sony SACD modifications.
Stereo repair and stereo modifications.